Paint Your Vehicles In A Marathon Spray Booth


Graphic designs, as well as vehicle decals, can be used as efficient methods of building your brand in the market. However, it is also realized that car paint is a hazardous as well as a meticulous job since it involves chemicals sprayed in the air. Many state and country laws do not allow painting in open places because of potential risks that can be caused on the health and also the environment. Hence, a pressure controlled room which regulates temperature, humidity, ventilation and airflow is put to use.

Spray stalls can be of many diverse types and forms some of which are highly priced as they are used by automobile manufacturers, and some are inexpensively constructed. Every type of stall is utilized for its various purposes, some can prevent contaminants from settling on fresh paint and some can contain over-spray.

Semi-down draft spray stalls:

These types of stall are a modified version of downdraft and cross draft model. In this system, the air enters from the apex and then changes its direction in order to become parallel to the ground. The air then exits from the back of the stalls. This stall allows curing to take place and also the paint finish is enhanced.

Cross draft spray stalls:

This system avails cross ventilation in order to relieve the fumes. If in case you want to know an estimation of paint booth price then you can do so at the websites of various service providers.

Because this stall makes use of air filters, the levels of contaminants decreased from both outside as well as inside. The client can also get added filters and additional vents for extra costs. Majority of the automotive spray stall used cross draft stalls as they eradicate particles and fumes completely. But, conversely it is complex to get hold of a perfect paint finish since gravity does not play a part, and air flows are horizontal.

Downdraft spray stalls:

As earlier mentioned, in the cross draft stalls, the air flows from front to back, however on the other hand in down draft spray stalls the air flows from top and then passes via a small hole on the floor. Hence, a hole has to be dug under the stall. Even though this incurs some extra costs this type of booths is known to provide faster processing as they let the paint set faster because of the heat. This system is specifically beneficial because all the fumes and particulates are efficiently eliminated through the filtration systems and curing process. Also, the outside environment along with interior of the stall sees considerably decreased pollution. To get some facts about spray paint, watch this video at

Side down draft:

Side downdraft is a costlier option than the other options available. This system eliminates fumes and particulates through plenums and not via a pit or horizontal airflow. Here the flow of air is from the top to the ground and hence the fumes are pulled in the plenums filters that are set up on both the sides of the stall.

All the spray stalls, irrespective of the safety features and configuration are not an ideal place for smoking. It is not a great place to even mix or prepare solvents and make use of tools that may create sparks. Hence, one thing has to be kept in mind that the safety features are effective only when the people using them are following appropriate safety measures. You can easily figure out the paint booth price at the various online websites. You can choose from any of the above type of stall which suits your needs and business requirements, learn more!


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