Some Tips When Buying Spray Booths


If you are going to purchase a spray booth, then you surely want the best product for your money. But, the upfront price of the booth is just half of what you will actually be paying. You need to look for the other costs which are associated in the installation of the spray booth. Such cost would include the permits, the concrete, electrical and gas. These things are often being overlooked and these can cost as much as the spray booth at

Ensure that you will be working with the experienced manufacturer which can guide you in the installation process of the spray booth. You also like to find a manufacturer who will be with you for long after its initial sale. The spray booth is one long-term investment and you must have a partner who has an excellent track record.

Also, it is very important that you look at the product’s serviceability. A lot of booths are imported and also their service parts. There are some products which require a special technician to do the service work. You also need to have a product which can be easily and quickly repaired. Get information on how long they have been in the business and also if they have such direct installation crews. Also, you must ask if they have parts available for service and if the electrician is able to install them. Such questions can make sure that your purchase will really last for a long time and that you get the right investment too.

If you would purchase a spray booth, then you must know that economic efficiency as well as the cost of operation are very essential to consider. The cost of the maintenance would include the lightbulbs, the air filters and also the general wear and tear. Know that the filters can be costly to change, particularly the intake filters. The energy costs that you will have to consider are the electrical usage as well as the consumption of fuel on the air make-up system. For more facts and information about car paint, visit

Surely, the spray booth at is one great investment for the body shop and it would be very helpful when you are able to get an informed decision when buying this. What you should first consider is the experience of the manufacturer. Also, you have to check the support before and after making a sale by the company. Also, it is imperative that you know what you are purchasing.


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